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Career Developments

Winter 2018

Table of Contents


Reentering the Workforce After Kids: How to Make It Work

By Laura Lanham



Women, Work, and Wellness: Designing the Future

By Amanda G. Flora


Special Feature

The Ethics and Skill of Career Confrontations

By Billie Streufert




Professional Counselors & Specialists

Bring Back Work-Life Balance!

By Kevin Johnson



School Counselors

How Much is Enough? Balancing Work and Life as a School Counselor

By Lia Falco



Graduate Students

Helping Clients Experiencing the Impostor Phenomenon Manage Work-Life Balance

By Jessamyn Perlus



Facilitating Career Development

Embracing Mindfulness and Work-Life Balance to Better Serve Our Clients

By Jim Peacock and Sabrina Woods



Higher Education

Contemplating Work-Life Balance

By Heather N. Maietta




From the President:
Living a Balanced Life: Realistic Goal or Hopeless Aspiration?
By Spencer Niles

From the Executive Director:
Work-Life Balance: How do We Keep Everything in Perspective?
By Deneen Pennington

Thought Leader Insights: A Conversation with  Gali Rachel Cinamon
By Jenn Long Leard

Ethics in a Nutshell
By Sarah Patterson-Mills and Sharon Anderson

The Marketplace
By Charles Lehman

On the Web
By Melanie Reinersman