Approval for Continuing Education at State Division Events

NCDA’s continuing education is approved through many state licensing boards for state specific continuing educational requirements.  Other organizations/associations may also accept NCDA’s certificates.  Please check with your state to clarify what is needed in addition to a completion certificate from NCDA.


NCDA provides continuing education (CE) support to state division sponsored events including workshops, annual conferences, and other professional development opportunities.  This is a free service to NCDA state divisions.  Unfortunately, NCDA is not able to support CE support for individual members’ companies or members who may be vendors.  NCDA’s support of State Division continuing education is NOT approved by NBCC, however, is accepted by the NCDA Credentialing Commission, CCE and other credentialing entities.


To gain approval for continuing education for your state division-sponsored event, NCDA’s management team will need to review the event for career development content and presenter eligibility.  Simply send the following information to Bri Navarro at bnavarro@ncda.org at least two weeks before the start of your professional development event:

  • Title of Event and Date of the Event
  • Sponsor(s) of the Event
  • Detailed timeline of all activities within the event. Include all planned break times, meal times, content time, association-specific business meeting time, etc.  This will help with the assignment of contact hours
  • Annotation and learning objective for each content session (keynotes, breakout presentations, roundtables, etc.) and which competency or competencies will be covered: the NCDA Career Competencies
  • Name and contact information for CE chair
  • Name, credentials including degree level, and bio for each presenter.
  • When approved, NCDA will provide a sign in-out sheet, to verify enrollment, a completion certificate template, and an evaluation form. Complete instructions will also be provides so that each state can provide continuing education for its members.


For more information, contact Brianna Navarro at bnavarro@ncda.org.


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