Malka Edelman

Credentials: CCSP, CCC, NCC, CRC, LMHC




ph: (516) 384-7646

Malka Edelman - President of Comprehensive Career Planning, Inc., has had a tremendous and positive impact on Career Development for over 34 years. For much of this time, she has trained others to enthusiastically embrace our field. She nurtures each of her students to develop their own careers while providing this training. Malka has been an FCD instructor since 1996 and a master trainer since 1998. She has trained throughout the US from all professions. Her concentration has been the higher education and K-12 environments both here in the US and throughout the world. Additionally, she has trained instructors for the US Army Reserves, US Department of Labor, LA Workforce Development. She has 34 plus years in higher education both in Career Services and Disability Services. She taught graduate school for 23 years. Her roots, however, are grounded in the elementary school experience - second grade. She has served and chaired 2 terms for the NCDA Training and Education Council, overseeing all training programs. Most recently she chaired the master trainer training completed in September 2019.

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