Dirk Matthews, MS, CMCS

Dirk Matthews brings a diverse background of experience to career development that is fueled by his work as a therapist, educator, photographer, and filmmaker. He is a leader in career services and an educator at Columbia College Chicago. He is a private practitioner in career development and the owner of an architectural photography business. Dirk has provided career services in higher education and to adults for the past 23 years while teaching film and career preparation courses for 26 years. In addition, he is a Facilitating Career Development instructor.

Dirk previously served as chair of the NCDA Training and Education Council, and as co-chair of the Technology Committee for three years. Currently, he is the Senior Director of Alumni Relations at Columbia.

Dirk received his master’s degree in organizational psychology from California Southern University. He has been published in several journals including Career Developments and has an extensive history of presenting on subjects ranging from film analysis, portfolio development, and career development. His recent research focuses on the impact of the pandemic on organizations.


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