The Role of the State CDA designated Government Relations chairperson

The State Career Development Association designated GR chairperson, will work with the national GR committee on national GR issues related to our career development profession. Additionally, state CDA’s will work and advocate for their own state issues impacting the delivery of career development services for students and adults.

The State CDA is encouraged to submit the following contact information to the NCDA GR chair, Diana M. Bailey- dibailey@comcast.net.


State Name:


President: (Name and email)


Your Website:


Do you have a Governmental Relations Chair and/or Committee??     Circle   YES or NO


Governmental Relation Contact:



What are your state and federal priority legislative issues and concerns?





Do you have a state “success stories” to share?



For more information, please contact NCDA GR Chair

Diana M. Bailey- dibailey@comcast.net

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