NCDA’s philosophy on public policy and government relations



Most citizens will seek and hold a job at some point in their lives. Many of these will actively pursue lifelong career aspirations and goals. The federal, state, and local legislative processes provide direction, policies, funding, programs, and services to support the employability and employment of citizens.

As a result NCDA will:

  • Provide leadership and advocacy by becoming directly involved in the legislative process providing information, guidance, recommendations, and support for legislators, legislation, funding, programs, and services related to employability, employment, and career planning and development at the federal, state, and local levels.

  • Hire a lobbyist to stay abreast of all legislative actions and legislation related to employability, employment, and career planning and development at the federal and state levels and to assist the NCDA Board by:

    • serving as a liaison between the Board and legislators

    • educating legislators on the NCDA platform and relevant career development practices, processes, issues, and trends

    • drafting legislative proposals, policies, recommendations, and amendments

    • promoting and positioning NCDA as the “go to” organization for career development related information, guidance, and support

    • keeping the Board and members informed of pending legislation, progress, and implications

    • soliciting political support and votes for favorable legislation

    • leveraging federal and state funds to promote the NCDA platform

  • Annually review and revise the legislative agenda to address all facets of employability, employment, and lifelong career planning and development. The legislative agenda will be written in short, concise statements for ease of understanding and for use by all career development professionals, practitioners, constituents, stakeholders, and legislators.


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