Award Nominations Deadline Extended to 2/29

On behalf of the NCDA's Awards Committee, it is a great pleasure to connect with you and remind you and your fellow NCDA members to pause and take the time to recognize the abundance of career development excellence being delivered. The NCDA Awards Committee invites all members to nominate, acknowledge and celebrate the crowning achievements of an NCDA member or team across the following award categories: 

  • Diversity Initiative
  • Eminent Career
  • Exemplary Career Center 
  • Graduate Student Research
  • International Practitioner of the Year
  • Legislative
  • Merit
  • NCDA Fellow
  • Outstanding Career Practitioner
  • Service to International Students

Please visit the NCDA Awards webpage for award details and the nomination process. NCDA’s awards deadline is January 31, 2024. February 29, 2024. Winners will be recognized during the NCDA 2024 Global Career Development Conference in San Diego, CA, on June 26 – 28.

The Awards Committee Chair is available via email to address any questions: Jessica Ayub 

Your ongoing leadership and support are greatly appreciated. Please share this invitation to nominate. Wishing you and those that you serve ongoing career success!



NCDA Awards Committee 

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