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" Veterans And Career Development Challenges Opportunities For Professionals NCDA" (Miles & Lehman, Winter 2014).


Special Feature of the Spring 2016 - online exclusive!

The Legacy Series: Inspired by the Past - Reaching toward the Future

Following ACTE  in Charlotte in 2008, Dr. Ray Davis created a four-part interview with Dr. Gysbers and colleague Dr. JoAnn Harris-Bowlsbey as they reflected on our profession past, present and future.  This series entitled, “The Legacy Series: Inspired by the Past - Reaching toward the Future.”

Part 1 – Populations Served (15:45)

Part 2-  Theoretical Basis   (17:00)

Part 3 – Methods of Practice  (17:00)

Part 4 – Counselor Training  (27:30)

Entire Series (1:28)

Career Developments

Winter 2018

Table of Contents


NCDA 2019 Conference

By Debra Osborn and Mary Ann Powell



The Impact of Career Interventions

By Susan Whiston and David Blustein


Special Feature

ACCELL: A Multidisciplinary Research & Development Team

By Peter McIlveen, Harsha Perera and Jennifer Luke




Professional Counselors & Specialists

Creating Dynamic Career Classes by Harnessing the Power of Connection

By Carmen Croonquist



School Counselors

The Impact of Partnerships in Early College and Career Exploration

By Emily Fisch



Graduate Students

Creating a Career Culture of Hope: the Use of Narrative

By Amanda Dudley



Facilitating Career Development

Non-traditional Career Advising - Professional Athletes

By Donald Brown and Maria Krauel



Higher Education

The Power of Mentoring Students through Internships

By Kim Stack




From the President:
Demonstrating Your Effectiveness: Everyone's Responsibility
By Spencer Niles

From the Executive Director:
NCDA to Host International Symposium
By Deneen Pennington

Thought Leader Insights: A Conversation with Farouk Dey
By Jenn Long Leard

Ethics in a Nutshell: Assessing Effectiveness and Promoting Social Justice
By Julia Panke Makela

The Marketplace
By Charles Lehman

On the Web
By Melanie Reinersman