May 21, 2024

Dear $$Nickname$$,

During the 2024 NCDA Global Career Development conference in San Diego, professionals early in their career will have the opportunity to engage in “Mentoring Moments”. This will entail 15, 20, or 25-minute moments where experienced career development professionals will connect with early career development professionals for the purpose of answering a general career question, to promote professional development and/or self-care. During this time, mentors will foster a sense of belonging and community by facilitating meaningful and personalized conversations and explore NCDA resources and opportunities for engagement. These moments will not only impart knowledge and skills but will also inspire mentees to explore their career potential and pursue their aspirations.


After the conference, all participants will be invited to virtual gathering sessions (details tba). Further connections between participants will be left to your discretion, as this is not intended to be a one-on-one mentoring matching program*.


Are you a professional in the early stages of your career in this field? Do you have a career question and wish to talk with an experienced NCDA member? Could you benefit from a career wellness check? To participate in the 2024 “Mentoring Moments” you need to complete the form (linked below) and sign up for one specific time slot. The Mentoring Moment meetings will take place in the Conference Exhibit Hall and the schedule is limited. After the conference, we hope you will attend the future virtual Mentoring Moments (tba), as your schedule permits.


Please complete this form to express your interest, then watch your email for confirmation and further instructions.


The deadline to complete this form is May 13, 2024. Because there are a limited number of spaces available at this time, it is best to complete the application as soon as possible. There will be a few slots reserved for walk-ins at the conference.


We thank you for your interest and your contribution to the field of career development. We hope to see you at the Global Conference.


Remember these moments could have a lifetime impact…..


Sharon Givens, PhD, LPC/S, CCC, CCSP
NCDA President 2021-2022
Visions Counseling and Career Center, Columbia, SC


Melanie Reinersman, MA
NCDA Website & Web Magazine Editor; Mentoring Program Coordinator



*  Disclaimer: 2024 “Mentoring Moments” is not intended to be a one-on-one matching program, a clinical supervisory session, a job interview, or a career counseling commitment. All participants are expected to behave ethically and release NCDA from any and all form of damages. No outcomes are guaranteed. View the full legal disclaimer and non-discriminatory statement at